fraction circle pieces Fraction Squares Fraction Dice Spinner Sn

fraction circle pieces Fraction Squares Fraction Dice Spinner Sn

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Xinghui Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the most important manufacturing company and exporter located in Ningbo. Our main focus is manufacturing of board game,mahjong,bingo,chess,backgammon,etc. We also produce and supply educational products such as hands-on manipulatives,rainbow fraction,fraction circles,letter cubes,etc.This company have been involved in this industry for about 15 years.We are committed to helping our customers worldwide grow and profit by providing them with superior service and on time delivery of products that meet their quality expectations.

Under our group company of Ningbo New Century Imp. & Exp. Corp., we have three family companies and factories involved in our fields.With our own plastic factory,wooden products factory and printing factory,under the top close co-operation of our many sister factories around our manufacturing base in our region, based on our great professional expertise and experience in manufacturing and export, this company take great pride in manufacturing and supplying a great number of entertainment and educational products to our clients worldwide,and keeping in close co-operation and good business relation with them. They trust us to help them compete effectively and grow their business.We have attained an internationally significant position within our industry.

We offer all types of complete board games,mahjong,bingo,chess,etc.along with many game pieces or accessories(wood,zinc alloy,cardboard and plastic material) such as pawns,tokens,game figures,playing cards,chips,poker chips,dice,booklets,spinners,sand timers, molded plastic trays,display box,game stands,tiles,etc.

Our guiding principles include trust,honest,co-operation,fair treatment of all clients and being a good company all the time.We dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement in our processes,products and services.

Our distinct advantage is our real and direct costing,good and safe products,personalized communication and great responsibility,and on time delivery.

Warmly welcome new and old customers,internal and external clients to visit and supervise our company.

Why dont you try a chance to have such a dynamic and reliable business partner in China?

Product Origin: China
Model Number: xhcwg007
Brand Name: xhi

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Company Name: Xinghui Industry CO., Ltd.
Contact Person: tony Zhang
Address: #46,Yongjing Road,Shiqi Town, YinZhou Aera,Ningbo,Zhejiang 315040,China
Zip: 315000
Telephone: 0086-0574-88255396
Fax: 0086-0574-88255046

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